Welcome to Trident. These are our official documentation pages and are a great place to learn the basics of Trident.

What is Trident?

Trident is a 2D MMO, procedurally-generated infinite universe video game. Trident utilizes cryptocurrency in a novel fashion to enhance the in-game economy, freedom, and privacy of the user.

Trident is a new game under development by Geyser Forge Studios.

Why Trident?

The state of GameFi is currently disappointing, to say the least. Saddened by the sorry state of not just GameFi, but also the broader gaming world, the team was assembled, and Trident was born.

The Trident team is a group of seasoned gamers & game developers.

We have a clear vision for how we can create an exciting and innovative game that will be played for years to come.

With inspiration from the greatest games of all time, and the new, unexplored possibilities that cryptocurrency opens up, Trident is paving the way for a new era of games.

While this Gitbook is under construction still, there may be some content missing. Visit our Medium page to understand the vision of Trident!

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