Some questions we hear often about Trident. This doesn't answer your question? DM us on Twitter or message us on Discord.

What Chain Is Trident On?

Trident is to be deployed on Arbitrum One with plans to expand to other chains in the near future (we have our eyes on StarkNet). Trident's NFTs reside on Ethereum.

Does Trident Have A Token?

Yes, two.

Trident's primary token is PSI. PSI is used as in-game currency. PSI is deployed on Arbitrum One. Trident's secondary token is INK. INK is used as our DeFi experimentation currency. INK is deployed on Base Mainnet.

What Is "Risk To Earn"?

Risk To Earn (R2E) is a GameFi structure that involves wagering on a player's matches, your own, and others' as a spectator. The protocol will use $PSI as the wager token, and will take a fee from each successful wager and burn it forever, creating a deflationary token supply once R2E integration has completed.

Is Trident Free to Play?


Is The Game Live? Where Do I Play?

Trident redeploying on Arbitrum and the open demo game will be publicly available at that time. You will simply visit https://trident.game/ to be able to test the demo.

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