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What is Trident? Why Trident? We have all the answers and more.

For information on what Trident is, this Medium article by the team explains it very well.

Trident as it stands consists of two games; the Trident MMO, and Trident Sprite Duels

Trident MMO

The Trident MMO is an open-world procedural generated universe where players can explore, collect resources, poach animals, fight bosses, kill each other, embark on quests or bounties, and much more. When you die, you drop your items. That mechanic, alongside other R2E mechanics, make for an exhilirating experience. We can't reveal too much yet, but Trident MMO alpha is estimated to be live in March for play testing.

Sprite Duels

Trident's other gamemode, Sprite Duels, is available in pre-alpha right now at https://trident.game for the public. Sprite Duels is a Pokemon inspired turn-based battle game pitting two players and their Sprite teams against each other. The objective is to be the last man standing and to wipe out your opponent's sprites.

In the Pre-Alpha, you have a full range of various sprites to choose for your teams. In the Sprite Duels Beta however, your available sprites will come from the creatures that you capture in the Trident MMO.

How to Play

Getting started is simple:

  1. Go to https://trident.game and sign-in or create a Trident account using your Ethereum wallet.

  2. Visit the "Play" page and then select "Sprite Duels".

  3. Click "Enter Queue" and you'll create a new match or join an existing open match.

From there, you select your team. Sprites all have various characteristics that make them uniquely powerful such as health, attack, and defense stats, and one or more types. A sprite's type determines what types of attacks they are weak to.

Each sprite has 4 attacks, with each attack having a type, power (base damage), accuracy, effect, and recoil. Effect and recoil are not yet functioning in-game but will be added shortly.

Attacks may have unique effects such as defense penetration, self-healing, % damage, critical hits, and more.

Once you and your opponent have selected your teams, the match begins. The game will run until one, or both players, have been defeated. Each player will take turns choosing different attacks and abilities to use against the opponent's currently selected sprite. When a sprite is taken down, you automatically switch to your next living sprite starting from the top down, meaning the orderin which you select sprites may have an impact on the game.

NOTE: Sprite Duels is in very early stage development and thus there will be many changes, additions, and bugfixes to come. If you want to see a particular feature added or changed, or submit a bug report, please visit the Trident Discord and let us know!

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